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Tapestry of Light

Regular Hardback Edition: €25
Special Hardback Edition: €100

Tapestry of Light will be launched in October 2017.
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Only 75 copies of this special hardback edition will be printed.
It will include a print, suitable for framing, which will be signed, numbered and dated by Tina Claffey, as will the book. The book will have a special finish on the cover, marker ribbon and three gatefolds with specially selected imagery.
RRP €100
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Silver netting of the dawn,
Embroidered through the silent night,
Woven into dewy webs,
Suspended tapestry of light.

Cobwebs greet the morning air,
Strings of priceless jewels glistening,
Veiling gateway, bush and tree,
Lending wonder to our waking.

Nature’s gift holds me enthralled,
Treasure of the dawning day,
Till the fairy breezes call,
Stealing all my dreams away

© John Sheahan

Tina Claffey is a nature photographer with a love for Ireland’s bogs and wetlands. Her stunningly beautiful images reveal the commonplace as something new and exotic.

For almost 10 years, she lived and worked in pristine wilderness areas in Botswana, and this experience awakened an appreciation of the natural world of her home country.

Tina’s observations and unique perspective of the flora and fauna of the unspoilt raised bogs and wet woodlands of the Irish midlands will be celebrated in her forthcoming book Tapestry of Light – Ireland’s bogs and wetlands as never seen before.

This hard back, 156 page, highly illustrated and beautifully designed book will be a quality gift for corporate and private exchange and will ensure that the receiver will never view the boglands in quite the same way again.

Tapestry of Light will be launched in October 2017.  The title ‘Tapesty of Light’ is taken from the eponymous poem by John Sheahan, the renowned musician and composer with the famous folk group, The Dubliners. The book will include a foreword by Dr. John Feehan and will be published by bespoke publishers Artisan House in Connemara.

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If yes, please contact Artisan House at artisanhouseeditions@gmail.com

Check out Tina’s images on her website www.tinaclaffey.com or her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tina-Claffey-Photography-132938303476913/