Living Irish Artists

Dictionary of Living Irish Artists by Robert O’Byrne

Simultaneously subjective and definitive, a dictionary at once surveys and gleans, for all must be sieved and only a scant few kept as examples; much like tracing the path of a dandelion’s seeds on the wind, or dipping cups into a river to sample its wares, Plurabelle’s enterprise is a moveable feast – we may as well catch a single Autumn leaf and depict it beside the word Tree.

200 Irish artists are profiled in this volume. Written by leading commentator Robert O’Byrne, the Dictionary of Living Irish Artists includes such pre-eminent names as Barrie Cooke, Sean Scully, James Coleman, Dorothy Cross as well as many young practitioners based in Ireland and overseas.

Featuring high-quality full colour images of each artist’s work alongside extensive biographical information, the Dictionary of Living Irish Artists is the only reference work of its kind, a must have for dealers, collectors and anyone with an interest in contemporary Irish art.

ISBN 978-0-95630111-0-9
Published by Plurabelle

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Robert O’Byrne writes about art for The Irish Times and the Irish Arts Review and is the author of the definitive biography on Hugh Lane, the Irish-born international art dealer and collector who was lost with the Lusitania during the first World War.