Sweny: A Pharmacy in the City


This unique book celebrates in text and photographs the epic Joycean journey within which the greatness of James Joyce’s Ulysses captures Dublin of 1904. The journey ends at the counter of Sweny’s Chemist at No.1 Lincoln Place in Dublin’s city centre where you can buy a bar of soap, a bar of lemon or yellow soap at that, There is not a lot one can say about this small bar of soap except perhaps that it is the aphrodisiac of world literature.

Stunning landscape photography by Peter Evers portrays an unexpected panorama of the sea and the city. His evocative interior photography captures of what remains unchanged from 1904. It is the epic centre of some extraordinary events in literature and history.

Published by Usher’s Island Editions



Brendan Kilty

Brendan Kilty is the owner and restorer of No 15 Usher’s Island, the Dublin setting for the dinner party of the century in the home of James Joyce’s aunts. He recreates the 1904 menu from The Dead. Interesting things happen.