Celebrating Irish Salmon

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Over 100 recipes from food writer Máirín Uí Chomáin and top chefs, salmon smokehouses and fisheries including all Michelin starred Irish restaurants.

The salmon has been part of Ireland’s natural heritage for over 10,000 years. Down through the millennia, this ‘silver treasure’ has been caught and eaten, bartered and traded, celebrated in myth and lore.

Celebrating Irish Salmon presents over 100 recipes by acclaimed seafood chef Máirín Uí Chomáin, with contributions from Ireland’s Michelin-starred restaurants and other cutting-edge chefs on the island. Fisheries scientist Ken Whelan provides contextual notes on the history of salmon in Ireland, and Walter Pfeiffer’s photography makes the dishes virtually leap off the page into your mouth.

Salmon is not only healthy and nutritious; it is also quick to cook and can be married with many different flavours. Celebrating Irish Salmon makes it easy to choose a dish for any occasion: grouped in sections for light bites and starters, brunches and lunches, dinners and special occasions, the recipes range from quick and easy to sophisticated and innovative, from the familiar to the exotic.

Celebrating Irish Salmon will appeal to the passionate amateur chef, the novice and the busy household cook alike.

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Máirín Uí Chomáin

Connemara native Máirín Uí Chomáin is a former chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, an active member of the Slow Food movement, and holds an honorary MA from NUI Galway in recognition of her commitment to home economics.

Máirín is the author of Irish Mussel Cuisine (2011) and Irish Oyster Cuisine (Gourmand World Cookbooks Award 2004; Food & Wine magazine Food Book of the Year 2005). Broadcaster and writer Monty Halls described Máirín as ‘the high priestess of all matters pertaining to shellfish… A larger than life figure with the warmest of smiles and gentlest of accents.’