Joe Boske is one of Ireland’s most recognisable visual artists.

He has created an enviable library of images through his paintings, posters, and illustrations; text and song lyrics.  In 2016 Artisan House published Joe Boske: The Works.

Now, we bring you Buying Yak Milk in Gurtymadden – its all in the title.  Its not the easiest book to categorise so perhaps we will leave it to the inimitable author, Mr. Boske, to explain: ‘Daft Verse, Worse Prose, No ns e ns e, Surreal Yarns and SurRealEr… Cartoons’.

Buying Yak Milk in Gurtymadden will appeal to anyone with a keen sense of humour, an appreciation of wordplay, and enjoys casting a critical eye on contemporary mores and morals.

RRP €20

Available to pre-order now, will be mailed mid-September